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Mobile Viewer

Developed by: Pason Systems

Your well, your data, anytime, anywhere

Access your live drilling data securely from your touchscreen mobile phone or tablet. Pason Mobile Viewer gives you the flexibility to make time-sensitive decisions about your active wells anywhere, anytime.



You can use Pason Mobile Viewer to:

Access your well information securely

  • Access web-based data to make confident decisions anywhere, anytime
  • Display a list of all your active wells with drilled depth for each well
  • Keep your well data secure (no well data stored on your device)

Customize your display to better view your data

  • Display the current drilling data for a well on a graph using time or depth view
  • Zoom in and out on details of a graph
  • Scroll through drilling data by swiping up and down on your screen
  • Use portrait or landscape views with automatic switching for number of trace panels given the real estate available
  • View preconfigured, off-screen trace panels by swiping to the left or right
  • View memos for more information about your well

View a complete list of memos for a well

  • View memos in the trace view
  • Select and read individual memos
  • Easily configure your drilling data graphs

Customize the scale settings for your drilling parameters

  • Choose units for your drilling parameters and define your trace colors
  • Default sets of traces can be changed as required, and saved in multiple templates
  • Your configured settings are saved
  • Easily access the Pason DataHub

From your mobile device, simply go to: in Canada, or in the United States
and enter your Pason DataHub credentials.

System Requirements

  • Pason DataHub account
  • Supported touch screen phones: iPhone and devices with Android 2.2 or later
  • Supported tablets: iPad, Playbook, and devices with Android 2.2 or later

Purchase Details

Mobile Viewer is a DataHub application and therefore is offered at no charge. If you have any questions, please click the Request Info button, complete the short form, and a sales representative will be in touch shortly.