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Directional System

Developed by: Pason Systems

Use the Directional System to get surveys into the Pason ecosystem for increased visibility of your directional wells.

The Pason Directional System enables you to WITS in surveys or decode third party MWD tool pressure pulses using the Pason pressure sensor and the Pason Directional System Decoder. It reads the pressure pulses emitted by the MWD tool downhole and translates those pulses into survey coordinates, such as inclination, azimuth, gamma, and toolface orientation.


The Pason Directional System allows directional drillers and operators to easily monitor single or multiple directional wells. The application brings surveys into the Pason ecosystem in a streamlined manner allowing you greater visibility into your operations. Having surveys in the Pason ecosystem also allows you to use other Pason products and their enhanced analytical capabilities. For example, the automatically populated surveys can be viewed using the Pason Advanced 3D LRV Plugin.

How the Directional System Helps

The Directional System is a valuable tool for directional drillers, MWD technicians, drilling engineers, and superintendents and drillers:

  • The MWD technicians configure the system and use it for survey validation such as viewing qualifiers, rejecting or accepting surveys, and reading gamma.
  • The directional driller uses the system to view the toolface, the plan versus the actual well path (including projections and hole deviation), to make recommendations on the next path in the well's trajectories.
  • The driller uses the system to acquire surveys and to receive, accept, and execute instructions from the directional driller.

Purchase Details

Two Configurations

There are two configurations of the Directional System:

  1. The Directional System allows you to WITS in surveys. The directional drilling company simply uses its own surface system to decode its MWD tool and then communicates the decoded information to the Directional System via the WITS protocol. Cost: Free.
  2. The Directional System Decoder uses the Pason pressure sensor to decode the mud pulses emitted by the MWD tool. The Decoder is capable of decoding inclination (Incl), azimuth (Azim), gamma, and toolface orientation (TFO). Cost: $150 per day.

Note: For information on getting approval for Directional System Decoder or the WITS configuration, please contact your Pason Sales Representative in Canada: or the US:

Enabling the Directional System Decoder

Note: The Directional System Decoder runs on the rig and in the office. For more information, please contact your Pason Sales Representative in Canada: or the US:

Note: Pason strongly recommends running the Directional System on a separate Dog House Computer (DHC). There is no charge for a second DHC.

Pason understands that directional jobs can be rushed. Optimally, we prefer 24 to 48 hours notice, but we will dispatch a field technician as soon as possible.

MWD Tools the Pason Decoder Supports

  • GE Tensor
  • Tolteq Decoder
  • Baker Hughes NaviTrak


  • Directional System using WITS -- Free
  • Directional System using Decoder -- $150

System Requirements

  • Pason EDR version 3.16
  • Pason Directional System
  • Recommended: Second Dog House Computer (DHC)