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WITSML Direct from Rig Service

Developed by: Pason Systems

Simplify WITSML-compliant data exchange from the wellsite

  • 1- to 10-second data resolution at 10-second updates
  • Access live wells only
  • Data sent directly from rig to the Pason WITSML server or your own third-party server


Gain visibility into your operations. Communicate seamlessly with third-party servers. Simplify data exchange at the rigsite. The "Digital Oilfield" offers many advantages and WITSML (Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language) helps make it possible. Designed as an open communication standard, WITSML excels at removing barriers and Pason is doing its part by offering this 1.3.1-compliant WITSML product. WITSML Direct from Rig Service pushes drilling data directly to your WITSML-enabled application.


The Pason WITSML Direct from Rig Service product provides you with the following benefits:
  • Industry-standard compatibility with third-party tools and applications
  • The ability to share high-resolution, WITSML-compliant data from the rigsite to the office, and other partners in the industry
  • The ability to view data by many different applications and individuals inside a company
  • Provides continual data flow from the rigsite back to the office, enabling users in real-time operations centers to monitor drilling activity

How to Begin

To start using Pason WITSML Direct from Rig Service, you need a current DataHub account in order to log into Pason Store. Once you have an account, follow the steps below under Licensing to complete the purchase of WITSML Direct from Rig Service.

Product Description

Pason WITSML Direct from Rig Service is an additional WITSML offering, separate from the the DataHub WITSML Service. Pason WITSML Direct from Rig Service provides two configuration options, the Pason WITSML Server option and the Third-Party Server option. For more information on how the WITSML Direct from Rig Service options compare to the DataHub WITSML Service, see the following table:

DataHub WITSML Service Direct from Rig to Pason WITSML Server Direct from Rig to Third-Party Server
Unlimited Access Yes Active rigs only Active rigs only
Historical well access 12 months 12 months No
Resolution 10 sec 1, 5 and 10-second or Depth SI/Imp 1, 5 and 10-second or Depth SI/Imp
Update Frequency 10 minutes 10 seconds 10 seconds
Choose WITSML Traces? Yes Yes Yes
Rename WITSML Mnemonics No No Yes
WITSML API Compliant 1.3.1 1.3.1 1.3.1
Messages (memos) Yes Yes Configurable
Trajectories (surveys) Yes Yes Configurable
Bandwidth Constraints No Yes Yes
WITSML 1.3.1 Client Required Required NA
DataHub Account Required Required No
WITSML server credentials DataHub credentials DataHub credentials Customer must supply
WITSML Tech Support Yes Yes No
API Functions supported GetFromStore, GetVersion, GetCap, GetBaseMsg GetFromStore, GetVersion, GetCap, GetBaseMsg Third-Party Server dependent
Objects Supported Well, Trajectory, Rig, WellBore, Log, Message Well, Trajectory, Rig, WellBore, Log, Message Third-Party Server dependent

System Requirements

See table above.

Purchase Details

Pason WITSML Server Option
You must have a current DataHub account. Once you have an account, Pason will register you for the DataHub WITSML Service, in addition to the Pason Direct from Rig service. This is necessary in order to let you access your one-second data for your specific wells through the DataHub WITSML Service. With this option, you also have the ability to access 10-second well data from all your other wells. By purchasing this service, you are granting your entire DataHub group access to both the Pason Direct from Rig and the DataHub WITSML Service. The DataHub group will be able to access the service for all of your one-second wells and your active and historical 10-second wells.
Third-Party Server Option
To enable the Third-Party WITSML Server option, you must first contact your Pason Sales Representative at:, (Canada) or, (US) and provide your WITSML server credentials and trace configurations.


Pason WITSML Server Option

You can purchase the Pason WITSML Server Option on a daily, per well accessed basis. This fee applies to each user in your DataHub group who uses the service, and is only charged for the days they access the service.

Note: By purchasing the Pason WITSML Server Option, you will also get the DataHub WITSML Service for no additional fee.

To purchase the Pason WITSML Server Option, click Approve Pason below.

Third-Party Server Option

You can purchase the Third-Party Server option with a daily subscription.

To purchase the Third-Party Server Option, click Approve Third-Party below.

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