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Drilling Guidance System

Developed by: Pason Systems

Empower your drilling optimization team to be more effective by improving communication between the office and the rig.

Pason’s Drilling Guidance System provides a real-time guidance system for drilling crews on the rig, based on data that has been analyzed in the office.


The Drilling Guidance System (DGS) provides real-time guidance while drilling, based on data that has been analyzed in the office. It helps support communication between the drilling optimization teams at the rig and in the office.

Drilling engineers begin the process by entering reference trace information into a drill plan in Microsoft Excel, and then uploading the plan to the Pason DataHub, where it is sent to the rig. From there, drillers can view these traces on the rig EDR, side-by-side with their real-time traces. Office personnel can also view the same data using Live Rig View (LRV).

System Requirements

Users must meet the following requirements to enable DGS:

  • Pason DataHub account with permissions to upload a drill plan
  • Drilling Guidance System plugin enabled for LRV

Purchase Details

You will be billed for DGS per well, per day, starting on the day you upload a drill plan for each well. For each well, DGS is charged from drill plan upload to release.